Sunday, January 31, 2010


Before the war in Iraq I used to write a lot about it. A lot about Bush.. then the war came, the initial victory came and the eventual big loss came.

Today Tony Blair (aka Tony Bliar), famous for sucking on Bush, was on the news, answering some questions about his reasons for pushing for a controversial war.

It was interesting to see his answers for 10-20 minutes or so... interesting to see how a man can do wrong and still talk his way barely out of it.

Me, a clueless Italian living in Japan, knew that the Iraq war was just an unjustified action against a country that posed on real threat.. but a leader of one of the most influential countries of the world couldn't guess that ! ..either he's very stupid, or he's very confident on people being stupid !

ummummmm !


  1. Hmm dunno, maybe Iraq didnt pose a threat to you, but it posed many threats to its neighbours.

  2. Paul,

    We are talking about 2003 though.. when Iraq was pretty much a lame duck.
    The point is not about whether a country is good or bad, but more about actual objectivity when going to war.
    USA and UK made a very poor case for starting a costly war.. with sexed up dossiers ( ), etc.

    You can start grabbing criminals and kill them on the spot.. but once the rule of law is gone, a lot of wrong things start to happen.
    Going to war is a big thing, a lot of people died.. with the official excuse to find WMD that supposedly the best intelligence agencies in the world knew about... how unsettling is that ?
    That's one pretty big mistake..


  3. There was nothing positive associated with the war in Iraq, billions of dollars wasted and lives lost. I agree with that.

    I just can not see Iraq as an innocent victim, based on the things that country has done in the past.

  4. Iraq's leaders weren't innocent victims.. but the people that died and still die in the process can be considered victims.. for a greater cause maybe, but still.. once one is dead..

    I simply argue that the war was rushed and on the wrong grounds. The WMD was a weak excuse.. and Bush continuous repetition of the words: torture, rape, murder.. depicting Saddam Hussein as the biggest evil.. if one had to make a war for every ugly dictator out there...


  5. Hey Kaz,

    Not supporting the politicians ... but my guess is that from (some) politicians point of view, things aren't always as clear cut. There are so many things to consider and while we might have the luxury of not being bombarded with thousands of global political issues, (some) politicians are not.

    Seeing how politicians are human beings too, they are falliable and will make mistakes from time to time. Some small mistakes, some massive blunders.

    History shows that Neville Chamberlain pretty much made a bad call with he made that deal with Hitler, and later announced a "Peace for our time". I'm quite sure the option for war was there, but I would gather that wanting to avoid another war (especially since many felt that World War I was the most horrible thing to happen to humanity) was probably a motivating factor for his decision.

    It's likely that folks during that time saw things a bit differently and feared the worst would happen ... which it did ...

    So to wrap it up, not sayin' your right or wrong, but just sayin' that (at times) things aren't as clear cut as they may seem ... 8P

  6. I understand it's not so clear cut.. and things are probably more complex once one has a broader picture coming from top notch intelligence.

    But in this case the intelligence was utter bullshit.. or worse yet, was "augmented" to justify a war... and that's wrong.. like it's wrong the manipulation of data about climate change from some scientists that try to force things their way.. for a good cause, but in the wrong manner.

    As a reminder, the UN inspectors found no WMD, but the US and UK stance was that "well, Saddam is still a prick so we'll go to war anyway".

    And things are surely more complex than that.. like for example the fact that Iraq was going to deal oil in Euro instead than Dollars.

    ..and UK of course is not in the Euro.

    ..but I'm no economist !


  7. Their intelligence must've been gotten off the Internet. 8P Yeah, I definitely agree with you there ... which actually raises a question: Who are the folks actually behind this intelligence gathering anyway? I wonder if they were fired as a result of this massive blunder ...

    In other news, check out this series:
    FRONTLINE: digital nation.

    It's quite an eye opener ... and simply encouraged me to keep coding and reading and be more productive with my life. 8P