Thursday, February 25, 2010


I recently got rid of my LinkedIn account... woooooo !!!!! "You don't want to work ? LinkedIn is the sanest social site out there !"

..Fack linked in ! And every other social site, really !

LinkenIn is about sucking each other up.. and showing how big your resume is.. but we all know that resumes are built to make people look great.. in fact, unless one wrote a resume drunk, any resume will make you think that you must hire that person...

Then how about I don't give a crap ? How about you have to make an effort in knowing how I am at my job and what I do ?

LinkedIn was about a serious matter so, it ended up being the fakest network to me.

Too easy to find the people.. too easy to look good.



  1. Umm umm, I like Linkedin, because it sends me the updates of who is doing what, kind of like professional gossip?

  2. ..yeah it;s good for that.. but at the same it's like one big Resume, where everyone is great and everyone likes everybody else.

    My positions don't change that much and I don't care for the job changes of those that wouldn't normally tell me directly 8)