Friday, February 5, 2010

Those volatile women

(I hope embedding a video won't break anybody's browser.. (^^;))

I'd like to share an episode of Peeping Life anime that I first saw at the Animation Theater in Siggraph Asia 2009.
Unfortunately I cannot find a version with English subtitles (only a few lines here).. but the dialog isn't supposed to make sense anyway.. and English subs sound stupid on Japanese.
I read English and I keep viewing the Japanese guy as an Azian kid.. a social abomination that I've seen in the United States.. where people are quickly classified by continent of origin 8) (..not that racial profiling doesn't happen in other countries).

In any caseee !! The video clip reminds me of some past relationships.. and it's a bit like a memory (in Japanese there is a word for it 懐かしい [natsukashi].. which is a mix between "bringing back a memory" and "nostalgia").

The girl changes and shows in front of her boyfriend, his reaction is a bit cold.. and she gets upset from there.. telling him how she put two whole weeks to find that dress. He insists that she looks cute (かわいい [kawaii]) and tries to throw in a couple of tasteful adjectives to sound more serious.
He begs her to get out and go to the restaurant (which is apparently booked).
But her mood is spoiled now.. she tells him that it's all his fault, and that perhaps he should pick a dress for her so that he'd be happy. He replies that he's really happy with the dress and perhaps he was just distracted thinking about work when she came out..
He even manages to get her to laugh, but she still won't forgive him..  then he starts laughing himself.. and she gets really pissed and start talking about breaking up.. wooo !!

..yes, Japanese girls can be like that.. but I'm also glad that they are not all like that.. otherwise I'd be a pretty sorry man 8P

Anyhow, enjoy the video and hopefully someday there will be some subtitled version on the net.

P.S. My youngish neighbors have been fighting.. the guy had a fine looking gf before, the current one seems less cute, but apparently she can put a fight.. at 4am !!  I have strange walls, I can't hear voices but I can hear slamming and banging (banging as in doors ;)

P.P.S. Alright, a few more words that may come handy:

  • マッチャヒコ [machahiko]: is the name of the guy
  • いいよ! [ii yo!]: nevermind, whatever !
  • とりあえず[toriaezu]: for now, for the time being
  • 行かない[ikanai]: not going (as "I'm not going out")
  • ファミコン[famikon]: Nintendo Famicom (generic term for game console for the girl)
  • ダメだ![dame da!]: forget it/this is wrong !
  • 別れよう! [wakare-yo]: let's break up!


  1. ハハハ!忍耐さが必要だな!

  2. Replace "dress" with iPad and then add ~"only 32GB?!?) and you will realise something... :)


  3. Maybe I can say that 32GB is for the young and dynamic people on the move, and 64GB is for the geriatrics that need to compensate for the fading memorization skills 8)

  4. Hmmm I can already heat her saying: "Only 32GB?!? You do not love me enough!!!"


  5. How about I just give her the 1.24 TB version then ;) (see the PDF)

  6. Only if you store it in a glass exhibitor like the ones they use in museums and you never let her inspect it closely... :)