Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Scammers

geeezzzzz... Buzzzz !!! Facking Goole and every other social "service" out there.. I know what they are trying to do: they are trying to steal time from us !!

Socializing is important, keeping in touch.. but if one is compelled to share things so much, we'll all inevitably end up with wasting a lot of time writing and reading about all sort of useless stuff.

This is getting silly.. what makes Twitter almost bearable is that it's made of short updates and if one carefully follows only a few people, he can keep an eye on what people with common interests are about.

But this Google Buzz thing.. it's really more about sharing LOLCats to the Nth power.

I admit that I was almost forced not to ignore Facebook and I did create an account not long ago (actually the initial account was created long ago.. but Facebook never forgets ;)
On Facebook however I've taken a rather passive stance.. where I basically don't actually follow anybody's updates and I only go there once every week or so, to answer messages. So, perhaps I sold my soul, but not much of my time.

Overall.. time is the most fundamental resource for any mortal and all those so called services are after that resource. They cannot stretch time, but they can get a piece of you time ! I could be writing code, but instead I'm checking out some funny comment on Buzz... yeah right !!

It once was that one had to understand some HTML markup to write some lame static page.. but now it's all too easy. Too easy to share everything for everyone.. this is how these companies are indeed greedy and evil.. they reduce individual's productivity by giving them some low brain activity playground.

How about I disable the Buzz thing and get that C-like-preprocessor going ?
wooooo !!


  1. Yeah, disable that Buzz right now!!!

  2. Buzz Buzz.. in Italian it sounds pretty stupid 8)

    I think this is the tipping point where I start backing up from Google. This underdog has become a facking pitbull now ! (or doberman if you were born around my time 8)

  3. Mortacci tua, l'ho aperta mentre bevevo il caffe' di fronte al PC... :)

    (Damn it!!! I opened the link while I was in front of the PC with a mug of coffee).

  4. I basically "unfollowed" everybody that Buzz had "auto-followed" for me ... getting sick of these time stealers myself. 8P