Friday, March 26, 2010

Adventure Jack !

I can still feel the jeg-lag ! ..I'm already sleepy by midnight and I wake up by 8 am, well rested and all.

In the morning I don't have to run to work, and I get in the office too early for it to be true 8)

Speaking of work, after more than 3 years, I finally decided to resign from my current employment, or rather, not to sign the new contract starting from April.

This time around I felt that there wasn't any clear plan for me.. nor a hint of getting any sort of promotion.
The salary was also a problem... because I was going to get a small decrease, apparently because of my behavior towards management in some sad issue that I had to deal with, and also because of me often coming late to work (though nobody warned me on time that being 10-20 minutes late was going to affect my salary).

Let's say that I understand the protocol and that I take responsibility and the punishment.. then were are the plussed factored in ?
If there is space for a nominal decrease, then is there any allowance for a nominal increase due to my performance ? ..apparently not.

One problem is that the situation is rather confusing in my department... every year a lot of things change, bosses change. This year especially I felt like there wasn't anyone being able to judge my work, my potential and to get me to the next step... because new bosses are always busy doing paperworks.. and whatnot.
I've also heard that the same thing for which I got an admonition was also the reason why there was no time left to properly think about my career.

Another thing I don't like is the substantial changes happening.. with western companies buyouts, it feels like the Japanese bosses are suffering major inferiority complexes towards western companies.
It may be true that technology around here is lacking.. but all this dealing of people as human resources and the dilution of the brand is likely to bring less happiness in the Tokyo offices.

I've been feeling trapped between business strategies and generally unappreciated. Not so much for what I did, but for what I'm capable of doing.
By dealing with companies as departments and technology provider units, the individuality is taking a hit... sometimes the ideas and work of 2-3 people can make a world of difference..  but that is not possible in a corporate world made of canned engines, and now even of canned "spontaneous" research...

..corporate heads just won't accept the idea that some things can't be bought just by throwing around money. I plan on spending a couple of months to see what's around and to prepare my next move !