Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amerigo Vespucci

I'm still in the US for a few more days.

GDC ended and here are the pics..

Being on a business trip, or a trip in general, for some reason takes away most of the time that I usually dedicate to do my home coding or even just to fiddle around with web sites and blog.

When away, I'm in an actual office less, but I have proper meals and perhaps I'm more socially involved than on an average day at home.

By "proper meal" I mean meals at proper time. While the quantity of food in the US is anything but proper.
I'm having a hard time to digest anything I eat. I suspect because I'm used to the smaller Japanese portions and my stomach is just generally used to hold smaller quantities.
Quality is perhaps an issue.. too many fast foods available, too much emphasis on quantity over quality..  but there are some good restaurants here too !

On a completely different topic (and before rushing to take my early-morning shower)... apparently a "certain" company is making again a big fuzz of how it's going to make a superkickarse nextgen engine, and it is openly looking for people to work on it (with spots on TV, I hear !).
The same company that made a big deal about making some superhot engine and eventually released only one (?) game based on it.

This is pretty stupid.. making a successful and reusable engine is not that easy. It requires tons (most) effort on supporting the game teams that will have to use it. It's going to be a nightmare and most likely it's going to be a   waste of money.
Especially because this next gen engine is supposed to be on cur gen consoles... so, by the time it's done, 1-2 games will be released and then many things will change sensibly for the next generation of hardware.

It's not nice to be this negative.. but I've worked and developed ...enginesssss... for so many years and I think I understand these things better than many other people that instead have the power to waste money after these silly dreams.

If you are a game company, make games first, and see if some sort of reusable stuff comes out as a byproduct.. if you instead really really want to make an internal superengine, then treat that project as something that you need to see to the outside: what's your competition ? What's your support ? Do you have a message board, a lively community, a proper toolset, a build system, a proven development cycle ?

..beginners !!