Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Famous ...Rants

First day at GDC, but haven't actually attended to the GDC itself.

It was an all-meeting-day.. with some interesting people and contents.

Incidentally, I removed a rant-post that I wrote some time ago and that was still immediately showing on the blog...  it's a bit sad to have to do that, but on the other hand, in the GDC environment, with all these PowerPoint slides floating around, I feel like I may accidentally offend some people that don't deserve it.
So, the rant was there but now it's gone.. not everything said is meant to stay there forever (^^)

Tomorrow more meetings and dinners and exclusive parties.. not really.. 8)

Anyhow, it's good to meet people.. old friends and new acquaintances.
This year I had to write an email at work to explain why I thought that going to GDC was important for me and for the company, and the main reason was about contacts... thought I'm definitely not the most sociable person out there (not on first contacts anyway).

Anyhow.. I'm really tired, jet-lagged, etc.
Pictures will be up from tomorrow or so....



  1. Don't forget to take pictures of food & boobs. :)

  2. Kaz-censorship!!!! (@_@)

  3. I meant to say, "Kaz-Self-Censorship"!! (^_^)
    What do you think about this: Unlimited Detail Technology. I'm a bit skeptical ... doesn't solve content generation issues though.

  4. I was about to ask the same thing.
    Too bad everything seems to be made with piles of mud...

  5. He's got an English accent, which is always a plus 8)

    The video hints that it's a point-based renderer.. which, if that's the case, then anti-aliasing is a bit of a problem.

    There are some fundamental problems that need to be clearly addressed:

    - Anti-aliasing: how good is it ?
    - Translucency: how well supported ?
    - Shadows: some sort of shadow mapping ? How does it look ?
    - Shaders: becomes deferred shading ?
    - Animation: how do you animate the point cloud ?
    - Storage size: is this more efficient than displacement mapping ? (unlikely)

    ..if these are all addressed and solved, then we have something interesting.. otherwise it's just another cool voxel/point-based-renderer demo.

    ole' 8)

  6. Good points there ... unfortunately from the demo, it's hard to see any translucency (I sure hope it's not a 'let's sort the points' type solution!) ... and it seems that there's currently no focus for animation. My (initial) guess is you'd animate the point clouds based on the points that you've determined to be 'visible' ... one could use the current skinning algorithms on the points ... though it's hard to say.

    Speaking of animation ... I saw the GDC CryENGINE 3 demo online ... the facial animation was a bit creepy ... ah, the price of rendering realistic graphics images ... 8P

  7. Facial animation and animation in general is the ugliest thing in games.. ..playing with marionettes !

  8. Also it was only a video of a demo. Basically impossible to see the quality and frame rate.