Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm pretty desperate.. I got myself into a big trouble with this game: assets are not so easy to come by !!

It took me long enough to get some decent car sprites going. Taking pictures of car models on a blue screen background, then heavily Photoshopping.
I also bought a new camera with that excuse ;)

Of course for that I need base car models.. and good quality ones are not easy to find at decent prices.
Also, most car models are Ferraris or Skyliners, Japanese Taxis... not your average Californian traffic ;) (Ferrari aside, in some areas !).

It was hard to get that process mainstreamed.. but now it seems a bit like the easy part. Because now I need some sprite animation (something like in this video).
And the background scenery and the track design is also more work.. what makes it fun ? etc etc.
Sprites around the track can't be just taken of most pictures.. perspective is a big problem, and of course legality of grabbing pieces of images left and right is tricky too.
Some stock photo sites have some nice references and I may end up spending some money there to get some base images to work on.

But possibly the hardest problem is sound ! More specifically the sound track... if only I could get one very good music track that matches the game.

My music knowledge is equal to 0, so I cannot spell out what makes a great sound track.. but I can't definitely tell is one is great or not.. and this brings me to some video that I must embed 8)