Sunday, July 11, 2010

Preview time

I've finally managed to make a video preview of the iPhone game I've been working on.

The name is, semi-officially, "Final Freeway" (depends also if by the time I will try to register the game on the Apple store, it won't be already taken.. as there has been some cybersquatting for app names).

The official site for this and possible future titles is ..a domain that I bought recently.
The funny-sounding Japanese name has some sort of meaning.. though, depending on how one reads it, it can mean slightly different things.
For me it means "recess gathering" or "taking a break for work". Oyatsu means "afternoon snack", kai, with the kanji 会, means meeting/gathering.
This is partly related to the 5 PM excursions to the nearby convenience store that we used to do with my ex-coworkers. An excuse to take a breath of fresh air, buy some cake and for some also to check out some of the "local fauna" passing by from the nearby fashion school ;)
The more malicious Italian reader could translate this as "merenda" or more subtly as "merende".. ("snack buddies" has historically taken an ugly meaning, related to a group of alleged criminals.. ouch !!).

..anyhow ! About the game..'s close to completion. But I need to add a few more important things:

  • A proper ending (very limited right now)
  • Some sort of crash animation (and perhaps more penalty for bumping into things and cars at high speed)
  • Music playback (sound track should come soon)
  • Maybe more non-player cars (it was so convenient when things where done by hand using carefully allocated color palette -> instant color variations !)
  • Maybe more player cars to unlock

Things that won't be in are, for example: light-speed nitro boost, grabbing tokens, weapons, explosions, mile-long drifting at 200 mph, etc.
Though Turbo Out Run did have a "turbo" addition, I think that arcade racing games have gone too far with crazy options that are just too over the top.
Part of what drives me is that I'd like to cruise away in a Ferrari for real, so, my ideal racing game would reflect that vision. If one starts adding weapons and acrobatic jumps and explosions.. then it becomes just too surreal..  realism can be great, too ! (more of that in a later blog post).

Anyhow.. enjoy the video and don't be afraid to criticize 8)
pooff !!