Saturday, August 21, 2010

App Stories

I submitted my game for review on the 12th. Then on the 19th I "developer rejected" and re-submitted a new binary.
By most people account, that means that I went all the way back to the queue and now I may have to wait the average 10 days starting from the 19th (new binary submission) and not the 12th (original submission).

We'll see how it goes.. maybe I shouldn't have sent the update. Though someone apparently has rejected 4 times and the approval only took 10 days since the first submit.
Based on that, my hope is that resubmitting during the "waiting for review" status doesn't really affect the length of the process.
Having to wait is a big pain, especially in my situation, where the rate of success of the game (using only positive terms here ;) will determine my next moves.

The update was about supporting natively the higher resolution of the iPhone 4 and the iPad. Which I don't have myself. So, I had to rely on the simulator view and a couple of friend to test things remotely on those devices.

I also realized that by my project's settings I was automatically forcing the need for iOS 4. However, my game  is meant to run well on lower spec platforms, such us iPhone 3G.. and any non-masochistic iPhone 3G owner that saw what was coming (funny but realistic video), must have steered clear iOS 4 for the time being.

In the meantime I read some news about the Android Market, which apparently is broken in more than one way when it comes to paid applications:

- The market is filled with crapware (illegal ring tones leading some charts)
- Each provider has its own market place
- Payment is still undefined: Google's own Checkout coverage is poor and PayPal may become an alternative way for payments
- Selling in other countries for a developer means dealing with that country tax procedures (Apple instead does that for you)
- Google is getting sued by Oracle for how it sneaks around Java (indirect compilation): Sun was closing an eye, Oracle bought Sun with the intent of giving a black eye ;) (..another reason to dislike Java !)

...I don't see Google going very far with this. Google is very good at setting up a large amount of hardware and make it run algorithms, however Google is terrible at dealing with humans (that's us !)...

On the Apple side however...  it seems that (until the news broke) the App Store director was a crapware developer himself !
Seven whole "applications" dedicated to subjects such as animal farting and long pissing simulation (+ automatic farts, for the same low price of $0.99).
I don't even have words to express the irony of all this..  with Steve Jobs making such a fanfare of quality control and then hiring some crapware developer to sort things out in the App Store.
Incidentally, the guy was also following porn stars and escorts in his Twitter account...  which is completely fine by me.. but it becomes controversial the moment in which one starts holding a certain position and needs to give a certain image (his boss Steve Jobs is furiously against porn, at least in the Apple products.. sigh !).

..and I'm still Waiting For Review ;)