Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Freeway in the App Store now !!

Yeahhhhhh !!!!

At last, it's available in the App Store.
It took only 8 days from upload to sale, if one excludes the first botched binary which I retired 6 days into the waiting for review queue.

What can I say.. the game is out there. It's not a AAA or AAAA or AAAAA title.. but it's simple and fun and it's the kind of game I like to play and hope that many people will agree with me 8)

I used to spend so much money in the arcades.. well, it's not the same without a steering wheel and without the girls to impress (girls ? In the arcades ?!)

Anyhow.. if you have an iDevice and the time and the money to spare, please give it a try 8)


Enjoy !