Friday, August 27, 2010

Final Freeway in the App Store now !!

Yeahhhhhh !!!!

At last, it's available in the App Store.
It took only 8 days from upload to sale, if one excludes the first botched binary which I retired 6 days into the waiting for review queue.

What can I say.. the game is out there. It's not a AAA or AAAA or AAAAA title.. but it's simple and fun and it's the kind of game I like to play and hope that many people will agree with me 8)

I used to spend so much money in the arcades.. well, it's not the same without a steering wheel and without the girls to impress (girls ? In the arcades ?!)

Anyhow.. if you have an iDevice and the time and the money to spare, please give it a try 8)


Enjoy !


  1. Congratulations, now let Kotaku and Engadget know. :)

  2. Grande Kaz!! Ora sono in ufficio e non posso comprarlo, stasera sarà mio e ti lascio anche un bel commento! ;) Ora ti faccio un po' di spam su qualche sito! Marco

  3. Congratulations! Here comes my 0.99 cents! Now that you have some free time, can I finally get wire-frame rendering support in KazSoftGPU? ;-)

  4. Forgot to mention ... I agree 100% with Freddy ... you've got to spread the word so folks will know.

  5. Don't denigrate your own game...!!!

  6. It's already available cracked.
    If you want to ruin your liver you can google for "Final Freeway" and ask the file to be taken down to places like hotfile, megaupload and the like. :)

  7. Already cracked? It's really sad when folks do nonsense like this. :(

  8. Price is part of the problem: since applications are cheap you can buy a ton for nothing and crack them to show how cool you are.

  9. Thanks for the support guys 8)

    I've been very busy playing the role of the publisher..

    I've started trying a bunch of sites to follow apps rankings, and sites that parse and prettify the "iTunes Connect" data coming from Apple.

    Try to search "final freeway" with the site see how the game is doing on a daily basis.

    In the Japanese App Store, when browsing with the for the category Games/Racing, the game is currently in 11th place.. which is not bad, but I'm not sure how it's going to translate with sales.

    I've also been busy updating the site ( ), posting updates on Twitter, promoting the game on forums ( ) ...annnddd.. preparing a "press kit" (a bunch of screenshots plus an hires icon usable for reviews).

    I've also posted a couple of requests for review. Namely to and

    ..and of course, not written one line of code 8)

    One thing ..if you've bought the game please take the time to leave a review on iTunes.

    Luckily, the English-speaking customers already left some good reviews... but the first Italian review is a bad one: someone angry at the fact that my game is not Out Run... well soorryyy !!!

    P.S. Yes, piracy is crazy.. the game is widely available.. so sad !

  10. These fooking noisy italians... :)

  11. As promised, I bought it and commented in the italian AppStore (title: "Uno spettacolare tuffo nel passato") :) Ciao! Marco

  12. Freddy,
    I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. unless it's something that affects me !!

    Thanks !!! A glowing review.. really kind of you 8)
    I'm sure it will help.. I really hope that people take the game for what it is, instead of thinking "oh man, I used to be young and happy in the 80s and now I hate the world!" ..or something like that 8)

  13. Um Final-Freeway-Kaz!

    I keep having this great urge to drift around the curves ... when can I expect an update?! That 99 cents really burned a hole in my wallet! 8P

    Actually playing the role of a publisher and not writing code (for now) is a good thing as I believe the experience will help you for when you either make updates to the game or you are working on your next one.

    This might not apply to our situation (as programmers), but after reading Nikola Tesla's biography I realized one of his biggest mistakes is that he didn't take time to look at the business side of what he did ... even if he didn't have the time to do it (nor cared to do it), he may have benefited by hiring someone to do so for him and might not have ever needed to worry about getting funding from J.P. Morgan or others.

    I'm not saying that your situation maps 1:1 to Tesla's, but don't discount the business side too much. Maybe your lady can give you a hand ... :)


  14. Bought and reviewed.

    Note that games like Streets of rage, Sonic and Golden Axe are in the top 10 paid applications here, so there is a market for retrogames for sure.

    Take a look at the way R-Type is depicted in the AppStore page because this is the way you want to go for the next titles.

  15. Mr.Ragin,

    I think it's more likely that I'll finally add the wireframe to the GPU plugin than drifting into the game ;)
    In fact, I think that the newest Out Run games make a mistake to push for drifting. Drifting in the freeway is silly.
    I think that the original Out Run didn't imply drifting with the tires squealing. I always saw that somehow like driving the car at the aderence limit (though the smoke is a bit excessive for that (^^;)).

    Yeah you definitely need to stand up for yourself and make your voice heard. It's great to achieve things for yourself, but ultimately we live for the next person.. things start losing meaning when people around you can't appreciate them.

    I like the example with Tesla.. ;)


    Thanks !! As it turns out, you are the only customer from Ireland so far (and you are not even Irish 8P).

    How's R-Type depicted ? That's a few leagues above FF (nice abbreviation ;).

    I really need to find a skilled and trusty artist to do all the stuff that we can't !

  16. I completly agree with Kaz. *DON'T* add drifting or other silly things like we've seen in the latest OutRun games for PS3 and 360. Final Freeway is great as it is. The only things you should add are:

    1) Crashes, if you hit something when you are driving too fast. I know, that would be quite a lot of work (a nice car animation of the entire accident with sprite zoom and other things like that).

    2) More and more and more (did I say more?) stages (and when you have many you can make the the road splitting at the end of each course).

    3) Better graphics (radio ala OutRun in the menu, better start with animated girls, maybe better ending with trophies, etc.).

    Bai! Marco

  17. I-hate-drifting-on-the-freeway-Kaz,

    I see you've never tried drifting in real life on the freeway! 8P Actually, I agree about the drifting; in the most recent version of Outrun isn't good at all; it feels pretty contrived.

    The problem isn't so much a lack of drifting, but that the controls (at times) seems to not allow the car to hug the curves well.

    Since there won't be any drifting, I'll be waiting for that wireframe rendering in the SoftGPU. ;-)



    Kaz needs to be very careful not to end up making an OutRun clone; the last thing he needs is any kind of legal harassment about the "similarities" between his game and OutRun.

  18. >and you are not even Irish 8P

    Thanks God for that. :)
    Irish are really apathetic when it comes to buy stuff online, they prefer to be ripped off in stores and complain later.