Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There is individuality in store for you

I don't even know what is going to happen with Final Freeway, but as I'm waiting for it to be accepted for sale, I've already started working on a prototype for the next game. The project title is TheBurner, and that should give an idea of what it may be about ;)

I've also taken a day to review the arrays situation in RibTools !
It's something that was in the back of my mind for months, and I'm glad that I could I finally pick it up and do some progress there.
Working on compilers is still a very fuzzy experience to me. Implementing a virtual machine is a lot more logical, but with arrays now, things are starting to get complicated.
For the sake of simplicity I did so that arrays are allocated globally for a shader. Which potentially wastes memory, but it allows me not to worry about allocating them on the fly as they enter and leave scope.

I'll also soon have to decide what to do next with "my life".
I'm frankly tired and disappointed of working as an employee. I really really don't want to work for 3+ years on another project that gets cancelled or that maybe comes out and you are told that the market is bad, etc etc.

I've been at home for 4 months now.. busy working and hardly going out. Partially because I'm more an indoor kind of person, partially because I was just so busy and partially because Japanese summer is relentless.
Two days ago I went to put the trash out. It was 4:20 AM and it was hot and humid !! ..Gasping to run back indoor, where the air conditioner is running 24/7.

Being able to skip Japanese summers has always been a dream of mine and having the freedom to finally do that is a great feeling ! 8)

But I can't go on for much longer without an income. Tax is pounding even if I'm not working. In Japan one pays taxes in advance, based on last year earning.
So, after 2 months of not working, I had to start paying taxes..  to that I must add the rent of the apartment.. for a grand total of $3500 per month.. just to stay afloat 8)

But I'm very determined..  I realized that what's most important to me is to work on something that other people can touch. This is why I liked to make games in first place... but I was always forced to work on somebody else's grandiose ideas and business plans (or lack thereof).

This doesn't mean that I only want to work on smaller less ambitious projects.. it means that I'm not going to sell my time that easily anymore. I don't want to waste my time after some dubious project or, worse yet, for an employer that may stow away my work in a locker, because of contractual obligations or plain short sightedness.

If I don't step up and promote myself, no company out there will do it for me.. especially no Japanese company that can't tell a prick poser from the real deal (it's a common problem, but seems worse with Japanese companies hiring foreigners..)
So, I'd rather be struggling to pay the rent and taxes than being another mindless soldier in a war of managers 8)


  1. Come back in Italy! :) We got a great Summer this year (apart for a few days in July..). Today August 18th is 22 grades right now (and early this morning was 18). Ahhhh I love this fresh climate!! :) P.S. The Burner is a After Burner remake? :) Marco

  2. Yeah, go back to italy. You will find the good food, the sun and plenty of underpaid jobs.

  3. My ultimate goal is not to have to be tied to one specific country.
    I don't like to travel, but lack of freedom is what I really hate 8)

    Speaking of The Burner... it's only an idea right now. Nothing sure at all.

    In any case I noticed that Top Gun 2 for iPhone is coming out.. but I have my doubts about it.. considering that the first one didn't have the F-14... that shows serious lack of heart ;)

    Geezzzz !!

  4. Easy CD !!
    I actually worked on the Mac version.. about 20 years ago (like I often remind 8P)

    See from 1:45 (Google Video time seek doesn't work anymore 8( ) -> Italian (^^;)

  5. What's that burning smell? 8P
    Life is definitely full of changes!

    I can fully understand and appreciate your sentiments; it looks like we're all going to be "growing up" in the near future.

    Let us know when Final Freeway's unleashed to the world!

  6. Oh yeah you will know !

    Incidentally, today I had a nap in the afternoon (screwed up schedule) and I dreamed that the game was "ready for sale".
    And I even had the "umm maybe I'm just dreaming" kind of thought.. ehehe grrrrrrr !!! Fackking App Storeee !!!!