Sunday, August 15, 2010

Waiting For Review

On August the 12th I finally uploaded the binary for Final Freeway (see the new screenshots and promo clip 8).

The status automatically went into "Waiting For Review" and it will probably stay so for a few more days, as it seems that recently the whole process has been taking 7-8 days.

A week to get the game reviewed and published isn't really that long. What I fear though is that this build may get rejected for reasons that I couldn't foresee, and then I'd have to fix it and wait for another week again.

Interestingly, it still seems that quite a few bad applications are getting through. So, I'm guessing that the review process is sometimes just automatic, and there is also no effective system to validate user reviews.

Another thing that has been worrying me is piracy.
Hard to believe that anyone would bother to pirate a $1 game.. but the system is in place, people jailbreak their phone, go to some site and grab anything for free.

This makes me somewhat angry. I mean, I understand a starving student that can't afford to buy 3DS Max or Visual Studio, or even a $60 game. And I understand the convenience to get something online.
But with iTunes it's all online, many apps have a lite version for trial and many (pirated) games would normally cost just 99 cents !
Pirating those is downright mean. Worse yet, some pirates make money out of it by selling access to cracked apps.

It's a "fack the system" and "why should I pay one dollar?" kind of stance which unfortunately goes to hurt the countless smaller developers involved with iPhone development.
Sure, a pirated copy isn't always a loss to the developer, but I'm pretty sure that in most cases it does little to help actual sales.
Again, we are not talking about overpriced crap from big greedy corps.. we are talking about often underpriced games that sell for "spare change" kind of money.

Anyhow.. enough with the negativities !

Let's wait and wait... ;)