Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our man from Italy

A quick and long overdue update..

Where was I ? (who cares ? 8)

Sales have ben going fairly well but going down nonetheless.
An update with 2 additional stages and some play modes is almost ready to be submitted. Testing has become a pain to do.. mann.. the same game again and again !
But it can be improved and there are still millions of potential customers out there, so it makes sense to improve the game and try to reach more people.
Updates are apparently really the way to go with iPhone games, as long as one doesn't release an unfinished POS and hopes for people to buy into it, with a promise for a better future 8P

In any case, I'm now in Rome.. for a very intense one-week vacation: between shopping with my girlfriend, meeting parents and friends when I can, looking at the sales of the game slowing down and working on an update.. it's a lot harder to do things when you aren't closed in your apt for most of the day.. which is ultimately the secret of productivity !

..time for a shower now, let another day begin !



  1. See, vacation is good for your hygiene, you are now showering. :)

  2. That is actually quite true 8)