Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Progressing: updates and marketing

Trying to find the time to develop.. especially the boring stuff... meaning the UI !

To add different play modes, I had to change the game select screen. Boring and somewhat ugly looking too.
I need to find a good artist, but nobody can recommend one to me.
Anyhow.. hopefully by tomorrow I can start working on the "Time Trial" mode.

At the same time I need to keep an eye on the market.
Sales started falling already ! So, I need an update and some exposure quickly.

A site to which I requested a review a few days ago, finally came back to me offering ads space.. surprise surprise 8)

Considering that sales are dropping, I may as well try that. At the current rate of sale, the ad space for one month would cost me like one day worth of sales.
If the ad can make me sell over 1000 extra copies in the month it lasts, then it will be worth it.
Any less than that, it will be a loss...  but I don't expect that.

Anyhow, there is nothing decided yet...  we'll see how it goes !