Friday, October 1, 2010

Geek you !

The word geek has become so overused. It's basically now the domain of the web people.
Geek has become synonymous with "web person": someone that codes in PHP, JavaScript.. but more increasingly someone that doesn't even code.

I've seen people boasting left and right about their geekness and then get all excited for some basketball game... are you sure you're not just a homie in disguise ?

Needless to say that most of this comes from the States.. where people are easily excited, personalities are born overnight and posing is not a crime 8)

I say Bullshit !

Be whatever you want to be.. but don't go around saying how geek you are, implying that you are some sort of wizkid... show me some code instead.. and if you can't program in assembly you're not a programmer just yet !

In the meantime, I'm happy again to simply call myself a programmer.


  1. Yes man, you are right, assembly language is real programming, the rest is blowing in the wind. Others wind though :D
    It is real programming not for I say so or, anybody else but, because you must know how everything really works. It is the place where the word ''unknown'' do not exist, period.
    Neo, I mean Davide, keep digging :)
    Have a nice time,

  2. I'm glad that you agree 8)

    I think that ultimately, as humans, we like things that are simple enough to easily fit in our heads.. and that's probably why people are still interested in pixellated graphics and assembly.. those are the things that don't have unknowns.. you can see the pixels, you can see the instructions.
    Also a bit like the Lego blocks: if they were any smaller, they wouldn't be as popular 8)