Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update this blog !

It has become more and more difficult to update the blog.. as my Internet activities are spreading thin through message boards, Twitter and mailing lists.

Nevertheless, I don't think that "blogging" is dead. Perhaps the word is fading away, but that's only a good thing..  because in the popular culture that's often synonymous with "next generation journalism". You see those bloggers appearing on CNN to give some opinions.. ..fack that ! How are they exactly blogging if they are live on CNN ?! Plus they are talking about politics..

Speaking of blogs, I hate how so many people write long long posts, splitting them into chapters with titles. Doing so is suggested in some "blogger's manual" somewhere (blog posts that suggest how to make blog posts !).. but it's also pretentious and not so useful.
What instead one should do, is to synthesize information. For example, when I write a blog post, or even a message in a forum, I re-read 1, 2, 3 times, fix the obvious errors and potentially remove whole chunks of text that I think are just too discursive.

Some people enjoy reading long blog posts, and even suggest them.. I have little patience, and I try myself to get to the point out of courtesy towards the readers (ironically, all I wrote so far probably goes against what I just said 8)

As far as current events go.. Final Freeway is still selling enough to be a relevant income. I don't know how much this will last, and when exactly the sales will drop so that I won't be able to pay the minimum living expenses.. but hopefully by then I will have another game out.

I'm currently working on two games. One is another racing game (same engine of FF) but with bikes (and similar to another old arcade ;)
The other game gets its inspiration partially from Zarch (video), originally made for Archimedes, and ported on the Amiga as Virus.
Well it's going to be quite different in a few ways.. and part of the inspiration also comes from the fact that recently I got to try a cheap RC helicopter.. and it was so fun and challenging to make it fly (in fact it eventually broke.. but lasted more than I expected !).

The problem with the Zarch kind of game, of course is that the fun of it is in the complexity of the handling.. but most iPhone users want something dead simple to handle !
So, I will probably add an easy mode and a hard mode, where controls are drastically different. Hoping that people won't pick the easy way, because that's the silly choice to make 8)

Last but not least, I'm now collaborating with actual artists.. so, no more programmer's art.. at least not much of it 8)


  1. *I* wanted to do Virus as well... But you're much more qualified so you have my blessing ;)
    Go ahead and make a great game.. Just don't forget about the jumping fish!!

  2. Oh and by the way, try:

    Works great also on Win7-x64. Use the F-keys for some nice view options! ;)

  3. "Data" cool ! Some BASIC source code !
    I guess I need Blitz Basic for that ?

    Anyhow.. the game has moved away from Virus.. which is a bit sad, but there will be some similarities !


  4. ..ummm doesn't work with Bliz Basic 3D trial edition.. grrr !

  5. Ehm... it definitely doesn't need any BlitzStuff to run, there's an executable in there, did you see it? ;)

  6. I unpacked it.. I thought I saw the exe.. then I couldn't see it anymore and I assumed it wasn't there.

    Now I unpacked it again, and it's there 8)

    wooo !!
    (maybe the first time the anti-virus removed it ?! 8P)

  7. Oh, and also this:

  8. Wow.. the ajax one is too fast.. but also too limited 8P