Friday, January 28, 2011

Who needs to sleep?

It's 9 in the morning.. the Sun is shining through the window (I tried to sleep but I couldn't). This winter it's "good weather" all winter long.
In  almost10 years that I'm in Tokyo, it must be the first year that hasn't snowed yet... and I'm not pleased!
I can't stand it when people claim that snow == bad weather. It's not true ! Snow is fun and cool.
Snow also makes you live longer.. Sun cooks you up and makes you age.

About development...   the new game is being developed pretty quickly. But I'm not yet ready to show any screenshots to the greater public 8)

On the Final Freeway side, we released a version with OpenFeint, but that didn't get it into the new releases listed in the OpenFeint site, because those are only the new games that also come out with OF..   so, doing an update to introduce OF seems to be not ideal as far as exposure goes.
Nevertheless, there might be a chance to be featured somehow, provided that I also integrate OF for the iOS version.

So, now I'm working on that, but, it may turn out to be a problem if OF does indeed take as much space as they say. The game is already almost 19 MB.. and the limit for 3G download is 20 MB.
I really want to be below 20 MB, because at $0.99 Final Freeway is an "impulse buy" and you don't want to require a WiFi for that.

Now, for something completely different. I have my defects and pet peeves.. one of them is intelligence, or lack there of.
I find myself more and more irritable whenever I watch TV, filled with so many real and fictional characters, where most of them are just basically very stupid and proudly so.
Japanese TV is no exception, and I constantly see people that are total imbeciles or that portray idiots, and that's a sad thing.
Humanity could evolve a lot faster if more people would actually care to use their brains. Japan TV is bombarded with wiz kids that play golf, transvestites that are popular simply for being so, baseball players, cute girls with the brain of a little bird and cool-looking (freaking looking really) dudes.
That is not to say that TV in other countries is any better.. but I expect always more from Japan 8)

If one compares the level of intellect that goes around the academic circles, and the level of idiocy that one sees in everyday life or TV, then the gap is really huge.
BBC news programs are often intelligent, but news reports are boring, clean, methodical and superficial... perhaps they are just a reflection of world politics..

Of course, one can't always be a thinking robot.. and I'm all for having fun.. in fact, I think that a prerequisite for being funny is also being intelligent. But on the other hand, a brain should be kept functioning and media should really try to promote more intelligence over being a kid that hits a ball with a crocked stick, or with a freaking bat !

I realize that I'm talking like a teenager.. or that I'm beating a dead horse. But I guess that I need to do it 8)

Another thing that bothers me is Einstein quotes. They are very popular.. and people read them and think "he was such a genius, he was so forward". Which is probably true in that sense as well..  but when it comes to math, we're stuck at e = mc^2  ..which is not very much math at all !!
We're all happy to read Einstein's quotes (assuming that they are all true), but I don't see too many people reading his papers ;)  ..meaning the actual real contribution that he did to humanity !

I can't really blame the next person however... as I find myself unable to do that myself in most cases.
That little math and physics that I used to read (beyond the graphics-related papers) was mostly on the trains on my daily commute.
Now that I don't have a commute, I find myself missing a setting to get distracted from programming and from Internet. Especially now that I don't have a nice monthly salary and that I feel the self-inflicted pressure of having to develop and release new games.

..oh well. The chance to relax will come in time !

Sometimes, I see some show on TV about jail and I think "If I ever ended up for years in jail, maybe I could focus on physics"  ..or could I ?  It's more likely that I'd simply turn crazy 8)


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