Sunday, June 12, 2011

Localize this !

With a lot of external help (a friend suggesting a public domain line font, and another implementing an UTF8 decoder and the line font decoder), I finally added Japanese support to the game.

Very good.. I'm almost of the hook now.. as I'm definitely going to have to add some info/tutorials on how the game works.

I also added a nice feature on the PC build: I can freeze the game at any point and take a screenshot in 3 different resolutions at the same time. Namely 480x320 (iPhone), 960x640 (Retina Display) and 1024x768 (iPad).
This is useful to make screen shots, also for the App Store.. which requires at least RD and iPad resolution screen shots.
Taking a hires sshot and scaling after with Photoshop/Paint.NET wouldn't work, because in the transition from other resolutions to iPad resolution I actually adapt touch controls to be smaller so that their actual physical size on screen is still roughly the same (unless iPad owners have bigger hands 8).

The screen shot taking stuff is part of the oyatsukai's mobile game framework.. meaning that these feature are automatically included in the recent dev builds of Final Freeway.
The localization system is also part of the framework, but FF doesn't have Japanese font as I'm using bitmap fonts there.

I'd like to start spreading the name of the game, however I'm waiting Apple to accept my plea to wait for the game to be ready.
Apple has this policy now that once a game is registered with them, the developer has 120 days to upload a binary or else may lose the name.
It's good against name squatters, but it's also a problem for development. One needs to register a game in order to test it with Game Center.. but then he has only 120 days to get it done !
I recently got the a warning saying that I have 30 days left to produce a binary.

I could upload something right away, but I'm thinking: what's the point in sending a binary for review when I know I won't publish that one because it's still a beta ?
I should probably have done that, but instead I sent a request to Apple to extend the period..  hopefully they'll answer me soon enough.

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