Thursday, July 14, 2011


As I'm approaching the end of development of the next game.. I'm staring to test the waters about PR.

That time has finally come again, when one has to switch from logic and creativity to charm and communication skills. Something that I don't like.. but that is necessary to sell games to keep the boat floating.

The first disappointments are coming already. Some sites are already ignoring my pleas to have my lowly game grace their glorious web pages. Answering a simple "yes" or "no" is just too time consuming. Chances are that Steve Job is more likely to answer to users than certain popular sites are likely to answer to an independent developer.

It's a tough nut to swallow, but there is nothing I can't do about it. Or is there ?
Perhaps the best PR investment I could have done, would have been a few thousands of dollars to fly to GDC or E3, to meet press sites and show my face.
In person, I probably have less charm than through email, but physical presence always makes a difference.. and that could help.

Still that's far from ideal.. but I need to expose my game to potential buyers, and so I need to get out of my world of logic and force myself to become a little bit of a salesman.

I hate it.. but it's just how life is.., let's suck it up ! 8)