Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Thunderbirds are Go!

Here I am writing a new blog post.
This time around with the new Blogger interface.. nice and clean, if white (not my first choice).
What really matters though is to have a properly working "undo" that hopefully works across auto-saves (used to be really easy to delete a whole post and then have it auto-saved blank !).

Fractal Combat 1.0 has been submitted to Apple and now I'm just waiting for the approval.
As I said in the related blog post, I hope that people will enjoy the game more than us doing it.
This "I enjoyed so much doing the game" mantra seems BS to me. If it were true, then it wouldn't be a job!

I'm definitely looking forward to enjoy positive comments of people that like the game, and I'm certainly looking forward to see how well the game sells.
I expect decent sales, enough to keep me afloat, but I don't envision spectacular sales, mostly because FC isn't your typical cute mobile game, like those that sell by the gazillion and turn into cultural phenomena.

Hopefully some major sites will find the time to review the game. Hopefully Apple will place the game in some noteworthy kind of spot like it happened with Final Freeway.
That's a really big deal and also one of the reasons why I wanted to give enough of the so called "polish".

In the meantime I keep seeing people trying to jump into game development.
I'm very conscious of the fact that things evolve and that what was the rule before isn't (and probably shouldn't be) the rule now... but what is it with all those people rushing onto some game engine to offload all the "difficult" bits of development ?

First of all and engine/framework don't do any miracles, there is hard work to put in there as well, secondly, people like that miss out much of the fun and a chance to learn some basic skills, a deeper understanding on how things work.
For example, can engine programmers really just go on with Direct3D, OpenGL and shading languages? That's incredibly limiting.

One may say that the same way that assembly isn't the norm for game dev anymore, low level programming isn't also necessary anymore. I'm not so sure.. but time will tell.
In the end, I guess that one can achieve the same things in many ways.. and for me to say that, in order to make good games, one should become a good programmer with deeper understanding of how computers work, it is probably just a selfish point of view (and I'm no electronics expert myself)..  but I've got to believe in something.. have a way of going about 8)

I think that's enough rants for now !
...let's go back to waiting for Apple's review...


  1. Fantastico come sempre Davide!! Te lo spammo un po' su FB e in giro! Marco (DJ) ;)

  2. Bella li'... Grazie !!

    Spammare Humanum Est ! (piu' o meno.. ehehe)