Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rants Service Pack #1

XML is shit.. but when everyone eats shit, then I guess that shit starts tasting good, and most (?) people now just looove it !
Oh, but it's human-readable ! Yes, a string of hex values is also human readable..

C++ is pretty much shit as well.. but there was no alternative and I had to move on from 'C' ..sigh..
But if could be fixed.. all you need is a time machine and an hacked-up Terminator handy.

Unity/Unreal Engine/OMG-I-Just-Want-to-Make-a-Game Tool... are just a way to be somebody's bitch. One either is a developer or is a user.. if you use Unity/WhateverEngine, then you're a devuser.
OK, it's not all so black or white.. that's true, in fact Unity is just brown 8) (..conceptually, because I wouldn't know the first thing about those canned engines).
The engine companies don't want you to make games.. they just want people to waste money and depend on them (aka "being a bitch of").
So, man-up and write your code !! And don't start crying about how hard it is, or how long it takes on how you don't want to "reinvent the wheel" (the lamest meme of all).. it's all about you learning how to get things done.

Men wearing hats indoor, because they just want to look cooler.. are another category of "people that ought to be strangled in front of their children" (cit.)
Useless fedora hats or those condom-looking condom-hats that are so popular in Japan.. they just look lame.. especially if I'm sitting behind you and trying to look ahead !

Men should really not wear shorts.. and sandals, and baggy t-shirts. Just dress properly, nobody wants to see your legs !
Also I don't really care about your t-shirt.. if you want to send a message, leave a suicide note and jump off a building. I'll be reading the news 8)

I've developed a full-on hate for TV now. Before it was the commercials, so loud and in your face. Now it's 99% of what's on. Serial TV which you have to learn to like. Guns guns guns and more guns. Or lots of knives and gang yakuza beatings if you're in Japan.
The sad thing is that the American serial TV are rather realistic.. people just like to shoot at each other, they like crime, murder and so they think that it's cool to actually do it (death is exciting !)
Inability to separate human instincts and curiosity from reality is a very dangerous thing.. and not all cultures are at the same abstraction level on that.
So, TV is shittier than ever and luckily we don't need it anymore. Dear TV, please die soon !

Politics is... ahhhh... what can I say. I'm constantly amazed on how people can reason on one side and the act completely dumb on the other.
Politics is a reflection of people's inability or unwillingness to be consistently coherent and logical.

People that want to become game designers because they are good at games and know all about them.. are simply doomed to fail.
You don't wake up one morning and become a movie director and not everyone in the movie industry can be a damned director ! Some will become directors.. just not you ;)

And, that's it for now.. (^_^)


  1. Maybe JSON is a usable XML alternative for you:

  2. Thanks for the hint.. I've heard about it before.. but I've been developing my own alternative before that.
    It started with something simpler and it then evolved.
    It's served me well so far, and I like how I'm free to extend it, though it would be interesting to see more about JSON, especially if its implementation is simple and doesn't depent on monster libraries or stuff such as boost ;)

    Here's an example of my format ->


  3. Um, there's a slight problem ... what is this format called? Just kidding. Ha ha ha. :)

    I haven't used JSON at all, but one of my colleagues brought it up recently. It's definitely easier on the eyes that XML; I'll probably use JSON for my own projects if/when the need arises. Not too much time to develop my own. (x_x)

    I'm no fan of MONSTER libraries myself. Though I am planning on using STLport. 8P

  4. The format is called.. ASCII Art ! eheheh
    Check this: ..I can have an array of chars ignoring white spaces's a little thing, but it helps compensating for the fact that I don't have a C# tool for that (^^;)

    Where would you use STLport ?
    I've been using my own "vector" and smart pointers.. but hopefully C++11 will make me want to use STL again.
    Right now I just can't be bothered with the sad verbosity of iterators and with vector<> fighting against smart pointers 8P

  5. That's a pretty novel idea using '.' in place of white space. :)

    I was doing some tinkering with NerdKits. There's a compiler available for the ATmega168, but I'm not sure if there's any native STL support for it.

    Which reminds me, I need to order some parts for the mini-project I'm trying to! 8P

    By the way, C++11 seems to be really nice (and improved)! One of the few times that I find myself looking forward to language improvements ...

  6. Are you going to use STL on a thing like that ? (^^;)

  7. Hi Davide,

    totally agree with the xml stuff (and YES, hex files CAN be read) the C++ stuff (and even more the Obj-C stuff - when you have pointers and structs, you have EVERYTHING - look at FFMPEG source good for a good example of that), and graphic engines (which I especially laugh at when people complain about bugs or "I can't do that..." problems... when you have OpenGL (or DirectX, or other low level libraries) you have EVERYTHING you need).

    I'd also add to that my Database-everytime hate: people use it even when they need to make a 500 bytes savegame... OMG the Gameboy Advance doesn't support MySQL, "HOW COULD THEY WRITE A SAVEGAME???". Never heard before of bin files?

  8. MySQL.. ehehehe.. people that use MySQL in games should be forced to work on business software for life 8P