Friday, December 14, 2012

4:30 in the afternoon and half-asleep.. what a better time to update the blog after 3 months !

I've been almost completely focused on completing the next game.. which is basically a sequel of Fractal Combat.
This new version is better in pretty much every aspect. It's not just an update but a separate release, because the changes were just too drastic.

FC 1.0 was not bad, I think, but it wasn't nearly as polished as the current update of FC.
This new game (Fractal Combat X, or FCX) is even more polished than the current FC. So, the hope is that we'll get a good initial reception.. which is very essential to propel the game forward.

On the business side, the big change is that it's going to be a free-2-play game.
It's free to download and play, but some people will eventually (I hope !) feel the need to purchase some upgrades to reduce the amount of work required to earn upgrades by just playing.

We'll see how it goes.. it's going to be an interesting experiment.

I've learned to expect some decent income for the first month of sale. This time around however it's not plain sales, so who knows.
In any case, the hope is to get more than a decent income for the first 1-2 months.
I've now been rather broken for quite a while.. comes to think, last Christmas I was broke, and the situation hasn't improved this year.

Well, the time is now.. and in any case I feel like things can start getting better now.. or pretty soon.
The time I spent the last couple of years has been an investment.. games have been getting better, and the underlying infrastructure, both as code base and workflow in general, has improved a lot.

Also targetable hardware has been getting better.
I still can't afford decent lighting or dynamic shadows (not that I had the time to work on that), but the baseline mobile hardware has been getting better.

so... zzzzz !

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