Monday, December 17, 2012

What You See Is What You Want To See

I should be putting 100% of my time on FCX, but I need a break.
Making games, like many other things is mostly about perseverance.. it's incredibly psychological and thus one can be affected negatively by stress.. I reached the 99th gate and now I need now I sit for a little before I jump the 100th gate 8)

Cosa sta pensando
il Pensatore Quiz?
A lot is happening in the world right now, and I regret following the news, because it's mostly a waste of time.
For every time I read some news and especially people's comments on them, I could be coding or studying something.. that would only make things better for me and possibly for everyone (if only people were busier being busy than complaining and read complaints..).

We're in a period where people communicate on the Internet more than in any other way. There are all sort of news there and all sort of comments.
One thing that doesn't seem to have changed is how people take sides and hold strong onto their believes.
It's not easy to change a person's mind. In fact, it's practically impossible in the short term. Strong stances can only change with time. You get someone's opinion, let it simmer and eventually that will affect you and possibly make you change stance on things (or vice versa).

The big questions are often about political ideals and leaders. This is pretty much universal.
No matter how free and open the information can be, there'll always be some bias and a group of people that would rather feed their own bias.
That's even worse in countries like Italy, where freedom of press is lacking..

One thing that I noticed in regard to political ideals among Italians is that those are are in Italy and those that are abroad tend to think differently.
It could be that those in Italy have a cleared view.. or it could be that that they are more affected by the local media.
Either way, it comes to show how things can be predicted geographically.. we're stats 8)

Like most "educated" (to so speak) people, I tend to lean on the Liberal side of things.
It works very well in Japan, with its pros and cons, but of course that doesn't prove that it would work everywhere.

Most of all however, it's important to keep in mind that one can only try to guess on what's best.. but it's impossible to tell what's truly better for a "greater good", and it's of course pretty arbitrary to say what's a "greater good".

So, why bother with politics ? Better get busy with something more concrete, like physics..

One of my dreams is to get wealthy enough so that I can stop worrying about how society affects me (above society ?), not because I want to live at the expenses of somebody else, but because that way I'd be one less burden on society and possibly even be of help (hard to help the others when you're in trouble yourself).

When I think that the games I made as an independent reached at least one million of people.. I feel a certain gratification.
I'm not saving lives, but still, entertaining someone with a fun game can go a long way.
If a few of those people playing are also getting interested in development and in the technology behind it, then I may have contributed to get someone closer to science and engineering..

Entertaining is good, getting people to embrace a more logical way of thinking is even better 8)

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