Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dragging along

Really, must, update, blog now !

First and foremost, Fractal Combat for Android has been out for a while. First on Google Play and from today on Amazon Appstore.
It's freaking free ! (to play). So, no reason not to download it.

On Google Play it had a good run up until almost 100K downloads, but now it has slowed down... and it's out of all charts, at least out of the top 400 anywhere.

This memorable scene from "Breaking Bad"
pretty much sums up my last three years
trying to make a living off mobile games.
The short report is that with every new release things just seem to be (are) worse.. while of course the games' quality is higher.

I suppose that going with a publisher or anyone that has money to support a marketing campaign on release, and has the public relation ties to get Apple and Google to give a facking rat ass about your game, is a must now more than ever.

Granted, there's great room for improvement in our games, but man, don't I feel shortchanged every time I see some cheap ass game being trumpeted by Apple or Google, while my games have to struggle on their own to gain any traction at all.

It's not all Apple's and Google's faults.. money talks in many ways. Theoretically, if I had millions of dollars, I could afford to buy all the downloads it takes to be #1 game on any rank on any store and probably be set with that, though actually recouping the investment would be a different thing.

Clearly, there are many big players out there that spend more in marketing in a day than the total income of any of my titles..
It's like an F1 race, where the big players have the best cars and always take the podium.. while the other teams are kept in the back by the laws of physics, no matter how good a driver can be or how smart an engineer is, they just don't have the money to afford to compete.

Nevertheless, I can't bitch and moan too much, because as an independent developer I've been luckier than most other so far, and if I can't afford to be independent, I think that I can still get a job that I'll like.

The world is not fair, but that's just the way it is 8)

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