Sunday, June 2, 2013

Man on fire

Completely unrelated to the recent trend of this blog (generally obsessed with my independent game development) there's something that has been bugging me for a while.. and that's the suicide of Tony Scott.

Maybe for a person with suicidal tendencies it's not something strange, then it makes sense that those that don't "get it" should not be curious about it.
Still, I think that it's a waste and it's unfair to keep the motive private.

It's a waste because one could get insight that could go towards helping someone around them.
It's unfair because it caught a lot of attention and wasted a lot of people's time to follow the news.. and then nothing comes out of it.

The privacy of his family needs to be respected, ok, but still.. the greater good would be to know more.
Was he sick ? Was he having erectile disfunction ? Was his wife cheating on him ? Was it the antidepressant (which apparently can increase suicidal tendencies) ? If we don't know, we can't prevent from it to happen to others.
It's a popular case and it could be used to educate people to prevent similar things to happen...

The moral is that it's not just curiosity, but it's about sharing things that could help improve (and keep !) the life of others.

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