Saturday, January 24, 2015

Knock knock, who blogs there ?

wow... almost one year since the last blog post.

It's so much easier to tweet out, especially if that's connected to Facebook.
I don't really have a moral stance on social networks' evolution. I wasn't a fan of FB, but I can see why it's popular, and it has its uses.

In any case... I've been working on improving existing mobile games, mostly on the side of the engine development, which theoretically it means general improvements for future games as well.

Speaking of the future, this year I'm going back to GDC. I'm not rich, but I'm also not broke like I was 1 or 2 years ago, when the instant noodle was really hitting the fan.

The long standing idea for a robot combat kind of game is becoming more of a reality now, and hopefully it'll gather some intere$t.

One thing is sure, during these months, I've evolved as a programmer, and people around me have improved as well.. whatever happens, the important thing is to always improve. Especially improve in areas that you'll need for the future. ..always be ready for when the"big day" may come.

Life, for the most part, is a big training camp. Whether you realize it or not, you're constantly sharping your tools towards a short window of time, where you'll have to make the best of what you've learned.
Once that window is gone, you're back to training, until the next opportunity.

This came to my mind by hearing about how spec-ops work and live. Whatever your field, success requires a lot of training, alternated with some short bursts of action.
Times may be different.. but the concept remains: work hard, but also train hard.

Many people ask me why I, supposedly, waste my time on developing low level stuff, rather than using a prepared and popular engine. One reason is that I need the training. Buy yourself a fish, and you're happy for a day, teach yourself how to fish, and you're set for life.

So, all the "reinventing the wheel" is actually a learning process. And that never stops. Not simply for things that one has never done before, but also for things that one has done 2-3-N times, and that he or she still feel like it can be done better, and that he action of redoing it itself may bring to a new understanding.

I'm not making games, I'm making myself (eh eh !).. games are a byproduct !

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