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This page is dedicated to fixing some of the software (that I use) that localizes things against your will.

Writing Japanese in Pidgin

Clearly the whole GTK thing for Windows does its best to complicate things with language.
Japanese input in Pidgin is normally relayed to an external input box (!)
To fix this, set the environment variable GTK_IM_MODULE to the value "ime" (no quotation marks).

Using Gimp in English

This is very annoying. Another case of a software that it's too smart for its own good.
Technically, the problem is from the underlying GTK framework that apparently has a mind of its own.
The solution is to set/create the environment variable LANG to the value "en" (no quotation marks).

US keyboard for Japanese input

This is one of the most annoying issues: Windows is dead sure that you must use a Japanese keyboard to type Japanese.. which is complete nonsense, since the layout of the keyboard has no effect whatsoever for standard romaji input.

The solution is to change some settings in the Registry (remember to right-click and export the registry-subfolder that you modify as a backup measure).

Follow the instruction from this MS Knowledge Base http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927824, scrolling down to where it says: English and Korean keyboard registry entries - English US 101/102-key keyboard

...arghh !!!

Changes will have effect after a reboot.

Fixing Google search in Chrome

Google is painfully location-happy. It will default searches to the Japanese Google based on I'm not sure what: Windows locale set to Japan ? (even when the user language in set to English) or decide depending on the first IP used ?

In any case, here is how to set Google Chrome default search straight:

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